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Reviving a Dead MI Beads Module

How to bring your MI Beads back to life!

    My Mutable Instruments (MI) Beads was unresponsive/bricked, but with the help of some great people on Modwiggler forums I was able to revive my dead Beads module! I wanted to create a how-to video to, hopefully, help others since MI isn't available anymore. 
    I do NOT have experience with this type of programming so I can't help troubleshoot, and I can't guarantee outcomes! But, if your Beads is dead, then it can't get more dead...right? If your version of Beads is pre-September 2021, then try the Seed Reset trick on the Modwiggler forum link below. Hope this helps

What you need:

**BE CAREFUL**: there are a number of STLink clones, and they do not function the same as the actual V2. I recommend buying from an authorized reseller
  • Mutable Instruments Beads flash: 
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