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Starter Footsteps Soundpack!

demo: here

soundlist: here


114 - 24 bit/44.1 kHz Mono Footstep SFX with footsteps for Boots, Sneakers, High Heels, and Stilettos! Each foot type has a soft and loud variant with 3 different variations for each surface type!


This sound pack is perfect for prototyping!


These are NOT just recordings! Each footstep has volume, pitch, or sample variation and post audio production techniques applied to the audio, giving you the best sounding sounds and bang for your buck!



Loud variants are normalized to -6 db, so you'll want to turn those down!

24 bit STEREO files are 2116 kbps, so MONO files (which this sound pack is) are half that size; 1058 kbps